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Best Cocktail Bars

Commercial Refrigeration For Cocktail Bars


One of the essential parts of managing a bar is keeping drinks chilled and serving them with ice. To serve delicious cocktails and drinks, you need to have the best commercial refrigeration in place. There are several commercial refrigeration products for cocktail bars in Birmingham that will help you to keep your drinks chilled.


Beverage coolers are the ideal method of maintaining your drinks chilled and at the same time have them on display. The glass door in most beverage coolers allows you to see what is inside. There is a wide range of available coolers which are designed to fit your needs. Coolers have either double doors with a larger capacity or single doors with a smaller capacity. The size of the cooler is dependent on the size of your bar.


Another option for keeping your drinks cold is Scotsman ice machines. Ice machines are essential for cocktail bars in Bristol since most cocktails require ice. A Scotsman ice machine with a big capacity would be ideal operating a busy cocktail bar. An ice maker that makes 300 to 400 kilograms of ice in 24 hours is perfect. Smaller cocktail bars would work efficiently with machines which make around 200 kilograms of ice.


Underbar fridges is also a good option for keeping drinks chilled. These fridges fit snugly below any bar counter. The unit ensures the optimum utilization of your unused bar space under the counter and provides a discreet way of storing your drinks. Besides, it makes it easy for the barman to access the drinks since it is placed under the counter hence increasing efficiency by ensuring convenience. You can have two or three double doors under bar fridge depending on the size of your bar.


Lastly, the blast chillers are a life saver for cocktail bars. This is especially so when drinks are delivered late than expected. Blast chillers quickly chill drinks to the ideal serving temperatures. When using blast chillers, you do not have to wait for long for drinks to cools as is the case of conventional refrigerators. Also, they quickly freeze drinks if need be.


Cocktails have to do their best to keep up with the demands of their clients who have specific requirements for their drinks. As such, the bars should be prepared to have different kinds of drinks as well as ice to keep their clients happy. Therefore, having a god commercial refrigeration at hand to run their cocktail bars efficiently is critical.


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